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Q&A – Maf going slow to get fast + more!

Q&A – Maf going slow to get fast + more!

The latest Q & A episode from the Consummate Athlete Podcast answers some common questions – see below for the player and link to your favorite podcast apps/downloads.

  1. RPE – this is the rating of perceived exertion. Many of the workouts I use with clients reference this idea that you are gauging your effort and learning to ‘pace’. Even when we have the power there is a range of powers and a pacing strategy that RPE (how hard it feels is tied to) You may remember this post on ‘putting your hand in the fire‘ and learning/training the ability to be in the red zone.
  2. MaF training is something else I use fairly often and that I believe fits with my overall bias to volume and lower intensity training. In this episode, we talk about the common issue of newer riders having trouble staying in their endurance zones or under MAF HR. (spoiler – walk a bit, sprint a bit, do some strength)
  3. Cold weather clothing for racing is discussed – more for cyclocross then fat bike
  4. Budgeting your gear and race dates – we talk a lot about how deciding on the big races and when you have time to focus on your ‘peak’ event will help make the choices easier. You may like the post ‘can you prepare for the goal that you have set

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