Pre-Made Training Plans

Pre-made plans are the amalgamation of many 100% Made for Your Plans that have been built over the year for different athletes. These plans have been compared and averaged out into a generalized plan that you can use to guide your own training, get workout ideas and reminders that will help you thrive on event day.

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Why Pre-Made Plans?

With pre-made plans, you pay once and can revisit or re-use the plan and the workouts many times. If it works great this year then you can apply it again next year for free! Just like buying a book, you have it for as long as you want it. 

The plans are delivered via training peaks but (for workouts that have structure) there are downloadable workouts that you can send to your Garmin, Zwift, Trainer Road and other accounts to help you use all of your tools seamlessly

You Still Call the Shots

With pre-made plans, like a book, you don’t have a coach looking over your training files, comments or progress. You are in charge of motivating your workouts and adjusting for the inevitable changes that family, work, and life will require.

But You are not alone!

Phone consults, adjustments and in-person skill work can be added to your plan to get feedback and adjustments for your specific situation. During the plan, there are reminders that you can check in or get an adjustment, as well as reminders to take care of your recovery and watchmaking common mistakes that self-coached athletes make, like training too hard, too often or forgetting to take those recovery days.

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General Base Plan for Off-road 

There are several ‘base’ or ‘general preparation’ plans to get you fit and ready to be specific to your goals with ‘build’ plans later in the year.

  1. The Standard Off-Road Base with Strength, Downloads and flexible hours based on your ability and time available = Learn More/Purchase on Training Peaks
  2. Time-Limited Base with Smart Trainer Focus = Learn More/Purchase on Training Peaks
  3. Beginner or Returning from long injury or illness Base – this takes a gradual (not easy!) approach to getting you ready to ride again, or for the first time – Learn More/Purchase on Training Peaks

Specific Build Plans

Plans specific to your discipline, apply these 2-3 months prior to your event