Losing Weight, Fueling Performance, Altitude and Heat – Stacy Sims

This episode of the podcast deals with so many awesome topics. These are common questions about extreme conditions like altitude and heat, and well just enduring all the crazy events that you do as an endurance athlete. Stacy has so much experience as a researcher, business person, and endurance athlete so this episode is a great one to listen to if you want to hear a simple, yet research backed answer to these difficult questions.

  • How to lose weight but fuel performance and not get sick?
  • How to be ready for altitude if you aren’t at altitude.
  • How to use a sauna or hot-tub to increase your endurance and heat tolerance.
  • Does your menstrual cycle affect training? How to improve your training by paying attention to your cycle? Working with your coach and including notes about your period in training peaks or the HRV or other apps.

Find the post notes and other links on the ConsummateAthlete.com or stream it below!

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