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How Do You Choose Supplements?

How Do You Choose Supplements?

In the below episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast, we discuss 3 topic areas from listener questions. Supplements, Plateaus and Post-Workout meals for busy people.


One of the big topics we cover is based on 4-5 specific questions in the direction of, “should I take this supplement” and/or “What do you think of ‘x’ supplement”.

Rather than talking about specific supplements we try to work through some of the considerations we need to make before spending money and time on something.

Check out the episode show notes on for more links/resources

  1. is it proven to work? Is it proven to work for an athlete like me (goals, ability)? Is there a chance it will not have a positive effect on you?
  2. Do you have a planned outcome and duration of use and know the amount/dosage? (ie. see improved Iron levels after supplementation confirmed with a blood test)
  3. Is it banned in your sport? (or could it accidentally have things that are)
  4. Is the source Rebuatable? Are you paying for what you think you are and is it in the proven amounts? Is it possibly contaminated?
  5. What are possible side-effects and/or drug interactions with other things you take for health/illness/medical conditions (ie. birth control, anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, etc)
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