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Foam Rolling and Low Cadence Intervals

The latest episode of the podcast has a couple interesting but not simple to answer questions.


These questions are really a matter of who you are, and what you are trying to do. What is your goal?

A second question is to ask what you are trying to do and what the main thing that you need to do is? If you want to mountain bike you should mountain bike. The other stuff (foam rolling, really low cadence, foam rolling, ice paths, altitude etc.) are just the extra 1% that you might add after you have done your time on mountain biking (or your goal)

Think about those ‘world class basics’ or the 80:20 concept … what makes the good people good? Is it the crazy balance exercises or the time they spend in the goal sport that isn’t as glamorous to post on social media?

Check out this episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast covering questions from listeners about whether foam rolling and low cadence work are good or bad?


  1. Should You Foam Roll?
  2.  Low Cadence intervals – why or why not?
  3.  Balance Training – how crazy do you need to be?
  4. Going REALLY long – 100 miles to 175 miles
  5. How to MTB when the trails aren’t ready for you. 

The show notes and full post for the episode  =

 Listen Below on this page!

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