Fall Base Training Plan for Mountain Bikers w. Strength

Fall Base Training Plan for Mountain Bikers w. Strength

Looking for a Training Plan for Mountain Biking?

Check out Smart Athlete’s most popular pre-made Training plan last month made specifically for Mountain Bikers who want to do strength training and some indoor-Trainer Workouts

Get Your Plan now via TrainingPeaks.com

MTB Base for those with 5-12 hours to train each week

3 months of fall/winter training to get you fit and ready to race mountain bikes

Features Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road AND strength routines in PDF downloads!

The plan includes options noted to extend or reduce hours as your schedule dictates

This plan builds your strength, endurance, coordination (cadence) and muscular endurance. Workouts are based around the trainer and cross-training (ski, run, etc)

Strength Training is prescribed twice a week. A PDF download is included for each phase to make the routine easy to complete.

workouts help you pass trainer time and combine cross-training and strength with key bike workouts

This Training Plan INCLUDES:

Downloadable workouts to use with your favorite trainer software (e.g. #Zwift or #TrainerRoad)

PDF downloads for the Strength Training Workouts

These features make your transition to indoor/winter/base/off-season training EASY and EFFECTIVE

Get Your Plan now via TrainingPeaks.com

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