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Cyclists Starting to run

Cyclists Starting to run

I was interviewed for this article in Canadian Cycling Magazine by Lily Hansen-Gillis. We discussed some of the common mistakes that cyclists make when they find that winter has come and they are tired of only riding a trainer.

Among the points discussed are a shift to thinking about running like strength, at least in the early phases of learning to run. You wouldn’t (at least you shouldn’t) go into the gym and lift a lot of weight or do a lot of reps. You start at lower weight and repetitions and over many weeks and months, you gradually increase the load.

So for cyclists with big fitness but bodies not used to impact there is going to be a learning curve. Gradually progressing will let you continue to progress and add this valuable training tool to your quiver while rushing the process will leave you sore and very possibly injured.

Check out the Canadian Cycling Magazine article here

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