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5 Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Day

Increasing the ‘nutrient density’ or the amount of healthy foods you take in is a common recommendation. Taking action on adding more vegetables to your day can be tough though, how do you get veggies into your morning oatmeal?


Arugula with some avocado and bread

This leafy green is very tasty and easy to add as a side to morning eggs, ‘spice up’ a salad or to top a burger or sandwich. This is one of my go-to options to put beside, under or over a meal.


Grab a Carrot to go !

Never baby carrots, look for bags of these to keep in the fridge when you are looking for a snack. Eaten alone, with some nut butter, cooked in the oven as ‘roasted veg’ or even just chopped and thrown in with your eggs these are tasty and super easy.


There are many different kinds of sprouts!

Broccoli sprouts are popular right now but they are also just really tasty and like Arugula you can eat these in handfuls or put them beside, on top, or under what you are eating. Your eggs, salad, sandwich or burger will never be the same.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes, beets and carrots baked as ‘fries’ or Roasted veg with herbs to taste

This is my favorite. If you haven’t tried using tubers in place of some of your traditional grains and bread this is a great way to add nutrient density (ie. fewer calories, more nutrients) with amazing taste. Sweet Potatoes can be microwaved, fried with your morning eggs, baked whole or as ‘fries’ and are tasty as part of cold salads or dishes as well.


simple burger meal with avocado, tomato, bread and some greens

Use this nutritional powerhouse to make guacamole. We make this often with lots of tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice and salt for a veggie topping that is amazing on pretty much any dinner. Avocado can go on burgers, sandwiches or your morning eggs.

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