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2020 Leadville MTB Training Plan

2020 Leadville MTB Training Plan

The popular Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race announced its lottery winners (and losers … who then became winners due to some mistaken charges) this past week. So you may be now past the stress of getting in and now considering … how the heck will I prepare for this?

The big questions … Can you prepare for the goal you have set? Are you excited to prepare for the goal?

I have written about Setting Big Crazy Goals previously. It is important that at this early stage your big goals excite you and motivate you (and maybe scare you a bit). BUT I also find it is important that these big goals also provide WINS simply by moving in their direction … regardless of whether you get the goal (in the article I reference my doing an Ironman to scare myself into learning to swim). Your Winning with Leadville might be to learn to climb better, to mountain bike better, to go on some really big adventures this spring/summer with friends while training.

The Leadville Plan

With that said I have a 6-month plan that starts on March 3rd specific to the Leadville 100. It helps you build your fitness but also gives you ideas about how to improve skills, plan your travel and prepare for this big crazy goal.

You can learn more and purchase the plan NOW via training peaks and it will populate in starting on March 2nd and ending on Race day in Leadville, Colorado.

Need more Customization?

This is a stock plan and requires some adjustment on your part for your fitness and inevitable changes in your family/work schedules. I do offer Phone consults to help adjust these stock plans but you may also want to consider a 100% Made-For-You Plan for $99 (for 3 months) to get a more customized training plan or make the step-up to one of the Coaching Programs to add coaching feedback, accountability, file-analysis, and adjustments to your plan.

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