Month: April 2019

Going from Trainer Workouts to Outside Cycling

The transition from focused, indoor workouts to the ‘real-world’ outside can be challenging. If you are following a training plan this might mean leaving some of the ‘perfect workouts’ behind and thinking more about route choice, bike type, and clothing.


Remember that winter is always around the corner (“It’s a trap!) and that you can ride your indoor trainer (or go to the gym, or cross-train) year round. This is a concept I use with most of my clients. You want to ready to move in a variety of ways so you can thrive in a wide variety of conditions.

Help Make Your Transition to Outdoor Riding Better By:
– Keeping your trainer setup longer (if not year round)
– Get Fenders (Good ones!)
– Waterproof and warm/versatile clothes help make you happy and get more training in. Canadian Cycling Mag did an article on Spring Cycling Clothing here
– Combine indoor and outdoor rides (or cross-training) to get that volume in. Sundays long ride could be done as 90 min outside, 1hr inside is a great way to nurse your way to good weather!

In the below podcast episode on the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast, I am interviewed by Editor Mathew Pioro about how to successfully make this transition. Enjoy the whole episode or jump to minute 19:30 when my segment starts!

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First Race Jitters, Base to Race & more!

The Latest Episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast Deals with common questions from listeners and also from Smart Athlete Coaching Clients. This one addresses some common questions around first race nerves and ‘jitters’. We also talk about why there is such a big range in the Carbohydrate recommendations DURING exercise.

Also examined is the transition from indoors to outdoors, which often corresponds with ‘base to build’ or general to specific phases transitioning. This is when we often look at making the training more intense but depending on who you are this may not be as big a change in intensity as you think!

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