Month: August 2018

Cyclocross Mounts & Dismounts Course Goes Live Thursday Sept 6th 2018

I am so excited for the launch of the ‘Cyclocross Mounts and Dismounts course’. It consolidates many of the drills I use to help clients learn to get on and off their bikes for cyclocross, mountain biking and other disciplines. It is also meant to help overcome bad habits and compensations that might be slowing you down after years of racing cyclocross.

Learning to Dismount and then Get back on your bike smoothly, is something that changes cycling profoundly. Mounts and Dismounts are essential skills that I believe transfers to many other areas of riding, such as cornering and wheel lifts.

Check out the Preview video below and Click Here to sign up for notifications of its release and to get more information

How and What to Post to Training Peaks (training log)

One of the biggest sources of friction in coaching is communication. I have never blamed athletes for this. At best it is clunky to communicate through apps and training devices … but all this is slowly changing as things happen automatically. There are a few newer features and apps I think you should check out from and HRV4Training.

How did You feel represented by 5-options of smiley, or not so smiley, faces!

This should now pop up in the mobile app and on the website when logging a workout … go with your gut feeling on these ratings. First feelings/thoughts not what you think your coach wants to hear!

RPE … how hard was the workout

You can also rate this after you finish the workout in the workout pop-up window and a slider scale from very easy -> moderate -> All Out!

To Augment your comments – use the Training Peaks Mobile App and ask yourself


Telling your coach (or your future self) what you did on that day, where you rode, who you rode with, how many reps, what strategy/goal did you have, how you felt and any other things that are relevant like gear, stops for lunch, blips in your device files, or saddle sores and other ‘niggles’ that might be important for future injury/illness decisions.

Use HRV4Training to get resting HR, HRV **AND** post ‘metrics’ and ‘annotations’ to Training Peaks

This app is great. It works. It is simple and has been around for ~5 years. I have used it for over 3 years. The data is good and it just requires your smartphone camera and your finger. While HRV and HR is great to have the added bonuses of 1-5 minutes (you choose duration) to meditate each day AND send metrics/comments to your training peaks account to sit with all your automatic training file uploads is HUGE.
Here is the link  to the website:
Link to 2 podcasts with Marco the HRV4Training creator on Consummate Athlete: LINK
Make sure to turn all the metrics on and fill it out each morning – above screenshot shows key spot in HRV4Training APP
This is the metrics window where you, or your coach, can see how you are doing each day.
The annotations (notes) is a huge win for communication if you make  the 2min habit each morning

Was this helpful? Do you have other questions or issues with posting? Let me know!

If you would like to get a account linked to my coaching account you can do this at this link.

2018/2019 Cyclocross Races Ontario and North American UCI

So many Smart Athletes are interested in Cross so it is with great joy I put up this list of races! Get planning and get committed to these races!

Find the full Ontario Race Schedule via the Ontario Cycling Association 

Find the UCI Cyclocross Calendar HERE (or enjoy this list of North American Cross by cyclocross magazine here)

USA Cx Races (sorted from link above for USA)

For weekly practice (the best part of Cross!)

  • Midweek Tuesdays – Centenial Park Toronto (pending info – website)
  • Sunday – sept 30 – nov 25 – Various eastern weekends
  • Wednesdays Aug 22-Oct 31 – Nordic Cats – Thamesford (~Woodstock)
  • Wednesdays – Sept 19 – Nov 7 – Durham Shredders, Whitby

Races within ~8hrs for Southern Ont Cyclocross

– below are the events within driving distance

  • Sept 8/9 – Rochester C1/C2 – Rochester, NY
  • Sept 15/16 – Nittany Lion Cross C2 – Breinigsville, PA
  • Sept 21/23 Trek CX CUP – C2 –  Waterloo, WI
  • Sept 23 – We need more Cowbell – OCUP – St Catherines
  • Oct 6/7 – Charm City Cx C1/C2 – Baltimore, MD
  • => Oct 6 – Batty Cross – Regional – Brooklin, ONT
  • => Oct 7 – Hardwood Cross – Ocup – Barrie Ontario
  • => Oct 13 – Durham Shredders Cross – Regional – Brooklin, ONT
  • Oct 20/21 – Sherbrooke Cx – C2 – Sherbrook, QC
  • => Oct 20 – maD Cross – Regional – Pittock Conservation
  • => Oct 21 – Dam Cross – Ocup – Pittock Park Conservation
  • Oct 27/28 – Cincinnati Cyclocross Weekend – Cincinnati, OH
  • => Oct 27 – KWCX – Regional – Kitchner, ON
  • => Oct 28 – Baseball cross – Ocup – Barrie, On
  • Nov 3/4 – Siver Goose Cx / Pan Am – C2/CC – Midland, ON
  • Nov 10/11- Canadian National Champs C2/CN – Peterborough, ON
  • Nov 17/18  – Super Cross Cup – C2 Suffern NY
  •  => Nov 17/18 – Provincial Champs (ontario) Belleville, Ont


Now How do you train for all this? and How do you recover between all these races?

Check out this 16 week pre-made plan ready for you NOW on training peaks



Q & A Podcast August 2018 – How to race two times on a weekend, transition to Cyclocross, Paleo + Vegan Diet

This week we talk about paleo and how it applies if you are a vegan (or does it) + Paleo for endurance athletes (cycling) and more about getting ready for cyclocross season and racing twice in a weekend.


July 2018 Q & A


Cyclocross 16 week Plan to get you ready and all the way through your season -> Get it Here instantly

Community in Sport – why we do it
Next episodes coming up
Q1 – How to Use Paleo Diet/Template with a Vegan or Paleo Diet
Q2 – What is Peter Eating / Paleo for Endurance Athletes
Q3 – How to race 2 days in a row – Mindset and pacing
Q4 – MTB / Road seasons … how to transition to Cyclocross?