Month: August 2016

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Latest Podcast Episode


Tracey Drews on Training for Masters Athletes –
Lia Sonnenburg on Hormones and Naturopathy –
Jack Sasseville – How to Golf –
Erin Taylor – How to Yoga (and why!) –

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How to Hop Logs in 5 Steps

Have you been trying to get the log hop figured out? Thanks to Canadian Cycling Magazine we have some super production of my 5-step system to share.

Whether you are new to cycling or an expert, taking time to review the 5 steps we use on the trail and road to clear obstacles is worth while. There is always an element we can progress, using higher logs , more abrupt roll-overs, more speed / less speed. Enjoy the never-ending process of moving your bike over obstacles!

Beginners often need to work on level 2 and 3 (wheel lifting) while advanced riders, who can do the Level 4/5 (‘bunny hop’), often surprisingly need help with level 1 to be smooth and over terrain at speed (rolling over things smoothly / rear-wheel awareness).
If you are looking to progress quickly or finding you are stuck on one of the stages why not try a skill session with Smart Athlete? You can book one now via email (peterglassford At  or via frontdesk )