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2015 Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup – Results, Photos, Videos, Links

Muddy day but amazing turnout with spectators sticking around through heavy rain and wind. Hardwood Ski and Bike and Pulse Racing should be commended on super event. Pan Ams will be no problem. I had a decent day, likely my best ‘mud’ race of my life. Ended up 9th with bike and body in one piece. Kudos to Derek Zandstra and Emily on winning Elite and also to my teammate Soren for putting in really solid lap times (close to Emily’s) in the Junior women’s event.



-> ONTARIO CYCLING RESULTS 2015 Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup 

peter on boneshaker by momma bailey

sliding down boneshaker – Photo via the Baileys 


JSLAUGHTS Races Horshoe



JSlaughts riding the ‘the pugsly’ w. Lazarski Photo in the background (photo by Danny Souter)

-> APEX PHOTO – hardwood 2015 (i was #11 this week link)

-> CANADIAN CYCLIST – Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup   and cancyclist galleries Hardwood 2015




-> Marc Antoine Nadon rides the akward Rock Step down at Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup 


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