Month: February 2014

Wait, Let me Catch up

Lots of good times this past week . 

1) Canadian Hockey went well at Olympics . I listened to the Tragically Hip to Celebrate. I did fail watch any hockey though.  (“She said I don’t give a f*ck about hockey” ? ) . 

2) Guthrie got a video of me riding around the local trails here in Oxnard.


Fantastic Friday – Things That I liked this week

5 things that were awesome this week .

1) Kayaker Video – how about the stress on the spine on impact ?

2) Let’s just wait and see again , again , again -> Renegade events live on for now in MTB

3) Cross Worlds 2014 Summary In Lego Stop Motion
4)  Some Lady fixing a flat and talking about her book about issues ladies face on the bike
  => Molly Hurford – Saddle, Sore  => Flat Change Video

5) #grow day fun … progressing my backwards skillz . Gonna  come in handy come XCO race season.

then has a best friend make a vow (Great 2nd Visitors at Cali House 2014)

Great week . Lots going on . Busy . Might be fit but no strava so I can’t call Morka on taking his Stavas

 I took this picture of a classic ride at Lake Casitas Cross Race 
 Found a Cyclocross race a while ago … I took this picture

 2nd set of visitors at Cali House 2014 were tremendous . 
Many Rex Goliaths , Laughs and adventures were shared.
 Girl Talk to ‘Beers on the Beach’

 Ripping with Downhills (baggies fo sho) . Awesome to find some other Canadians training down here
         Check out Mckay  and Bass on twitter

 Downhillers on 5inch bikes still go up hill fast