Month: December 2013

2013 Christmas Burpee Challenge

The Annual Christmas Burpee Challenge is here again ! 

50 Burpees for time. Planned for Dec 25th but we really just want you to join in so any time this week is great.

Get your time for 50 burpees and post to Twitter @peterglassford and @xfitorangeville . Photos always appreciated and bonus points for spreading the love of movement to your friends and family by getting them to join in !!!  Those without the twitter please feel free to use comments on this blog, Comments on Facebook Page for Smart Athlete great too .

 Basic Image to illustrate the challenge … 50 times (as below)

note heels down during squat phase and plank/stable torso held through pushup

Some videos to help: 
 = Gynastics Wod for the Perfect Burpee

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Trek canada announcements

Trek Canada mountain bike squad announces 2014 lineup

Trek Canada, the Ontario-based mountain bike squad, has announced its roster for 2014.…/trek-canada-mountain-bike-squad-anno…
Canadian Cyclist trek-canada-mountain-bike-team-announces-2014

After another very successful mountain bike race season in 2013, Trek Canada is proud to introduce its roster for 2014. Trek Canada is committed to…
Soren Meeuwisse | Trek Canada

Date of Birth: September 7, 1997 Years racing: 5 Favourite course: Hardwood Ski and Bike (my second home) Favourite race: Tremblant Canada Cup

she's a wreck ( singlespeed cyclocross worlds 2013 – Bilenky Cross)

I Raced at The most random race I have done this weekend
Single Speed Cylocross World Championships
Saturday was Blinky Cross which is an annual Cx Race in a JunkYard
This year it was taken over a bit by the worlds and qualifying
 I was way to serious looking (and serious generally … its just my face)
Got a few hole shots into the JunkYard Maze
Race was sketchy , which I love
Perhaps not enough rules to make it fun racing but a fun experience nonetheless

Aaron Chase showed up with Red Bull Crash from Bilenky Cross
Larsen Gallery  
velonews bilenky photos

Photos from Blinky Cross 

 Sunday was the CXSSWC race in Philly
it went from grassy to 6 inches of snow in 45min

report  link
mercer gallery  link
urban velo pics

@TimLarsenPhoto Album from @SSCXWC13Philly . Great shots .
— Peter Glassford (@peterglassford) December 10, 2013

Athletes racing Crank The Shield 2014 Announced and Early Bird Discount Extended

Notable riders confirmed for Crank 2014 include Ontario riders Cayley Brooks, Amanda Sin and Peter Glassford, who will ve offering training tips as Crank nears. We also have some celebrity riders on the horizon – updates to come.
  Have You Already Registered? 

Crank the Shield registration has been open for almost a couple of months now, and we will be paying the formidable $40 online/Credit Card fees. Please note that there has been a mistake to this point and riders have been charged this fee – that fee will be remitted back to any riders having already signed up. We apologize for this oversight.

Early Bird Extension For Past Riders!

As a special thanks for your past loyalty, we are extending the December 1st early bird registration deadline to December 31st! Use the code below with your entry and save:

Coupon code: earlybirddec31
Code description: Sean has extended your early bird price (this is what will appears on your receipt next to the discount)

Christmas come early ( Summiting Mt. Tom to Find the Grinch )

Threw down a little run up Mt. Tom from East Hampton, Mass. today. 5km out and 5km back with a few 100m of elevation gain.
 Link to run route

The summit of Mt. Tom is (thought to be) the inspiration for Whoville and Grinch’s lair in ‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas’ but it bears little similarity (and this person says its not) . In any case, walking beyond the parking/lookout (Grinch’s Lair) there is the awesome site of the Eyrie house ruins, which was a big hotel with a train running to it through the 1800s until it burnt in around 1901.

cool remains from an old Hotel / Resort

Clothes Fit ( NEON Winter Riding Accessories )

Really Digging my new Neon riding gear, both pieces are really comfy, tight fitting and seem quite adaptable to a range of conditions .

The green Craft Gloves have little hidden mittens that go over the fingers to add some warmth/water-wind protection . They tuck away really nicely . Grip was fine during cross race on and off bike. These were quite affordable at the local Trek Store

The Green Bontrager Booties are very tight fitting and have well thought out velcro strap that fits between the grippy services on the bottom of a MTB shoe … I used these in my last cross race as well to keep water and mud off and out of my shoes. Worked well and no problem with traction on wood steps or barriers. They also were still in great shape after the race, no signs of major wearing .  There are road and mtb versions in black and neon green at local trek stores .