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Sailings like sex to these people ( Gloucester CX Day 1 2013)

Check out results from Day 1 at Glouster Cx .

Another hot day for cross , this weekend in Massachusetts right on the ocean. Lots of Canadians out with Raph Gagne, Jeremy Martin, Andrew L’espy, McSneaky, Garrigan, Craig Ritchey , Leandre Bouchard, Conor O’brien , JP , and The infamous Laflamme (John Barne’s battled him in 2012 National MTB)

 Oh I just found out about . check out my lack of results.

 Day 1 was very fast with several rocks placed in convenient places to ruin your tubular tires, or in my case pop your clincher tube, and cost you somewhere between $2 and $200 dollars. I was riding up into the 20’s and ended up in 39 about 5-6min back .

  I was pysched to get to warmup with Mike Garrigan and get some reminder of how awesome corners can be taken. While chatting with Mike someone also commented on how sexy my Crockett was … I said her name is Chastity and thank you. During the race I got to ride with Mike for a bit as well as he battled some early mechanicals before moving up to 25th and again someone commented on my beautiful white bike. Heckling is so nice her in Gloucester. 

Race results for glouster 2013 day 1

Also, I am down with Alex Sanna and Soigneur Services this weekend . If you haven’t checked out his services you need to really look at it . It is like having a pro team behind you . Basically I have no idea where I am right now, I just registered for the race and he drove me here in his spacious van (with internet), set up accommodation, took me to grocery store, put my spare wheels together, set up tent in venue and then stood with my wheels in the pit for the race. He does road/mtb/cross and it is very VERY reasonably priced. 

I'll get you a drink. ( Coffee How to )

Mattp forwarded this to me a few weeks back and I finally got a chance to read it this morning thanks to Jet lag .I used my food scale and had pretty great result using the grams ratio suggested (30:523water) and I am a horrible presser of coffee so might help you if suffering or like to learn. If you’re a snob you can go look in the mirror or something.

My Notes below:

20 perc. extraction and 1.28% dried solids (Total Dry SOlids) to reach range of commonly appreciated coffee

1 : 17.42 is starting ratio (coffee : water) tinker from there, no differentiation between methods
  (ex. 30g coffee and 523g water)

Strength of coffee from amount of coffee in the cup (total dry solids)
  = Soluble portions give flavor/aroma while non-soluble give body (Grit/feel)

How to make good coffee1) good beans – ethical, fresh (less than 3weeks),
  * lighter beans are very ‘3rd wave’ as let more flavor notes through (think well done steak with darker roasts)
2) Grind at brew time – #1 thing to improve coffee, Coffee has more flavours then wine but they are very perishible/oxidize quickly
3) Storage – airtight container, away from sun, if more then >2 weeks then freeze whole bean
4) Coffee:water – Don’t skimp
5) Technique – use same process each time and vary 1  thing (scientific method) , Refine as you go
6) Quality tools

Fine Tuning Tips
1) invest in good burr grinder
2) temp 95-102 deg
3) agitation – pour/stir, try to control this as can have affect on Surface area / exposure to water
4) ratio = vary from the 17.42 slowly and carefully

Even the toilets when you flush them ( China Cyclocross 2013 )

Big way to start this Cyclocross campaign for 2014 .

I was fortunate enough to go to China to race skinny tires on bumpy courses and periodically jump off and run up stairs. It was a great trip , with a ‘business trip’ vibe but lots of fun with some solid folks from around the world.

I posted from my phone while in China but it seems it was interecepted along with every major social network so I went jay-z and , “f*cked hashtags and retweets” for a week whilst sleeping lots and talking to people … it was great.

Race went well with a nearly back of pack call up moving towards low 20s and rolled my tubular with raw power on the climb section (my favorite section). Rolled it back on and flowed back to the pit. 3 man pit change went well while i drank 2 full bottles of water (it was hot) and then proceeded to pass a bunch of guys including the Eliminator world champion. Ended up 33rd.

Results for 2013 China Cylocross :

FF# my trip companions on twitter = Conor Obrein –Nick Vipond – Jeremy MartinEvan Mcneely 

 This is the closest I could get to watson all trip #bff
*Do check out watson’s blog on the trip
 ya , I do that Chinese Lady finding Canadian tourist look so good
Check out that anterior pelvic tilt (hairdressor butt) 
 Count it,  strava,

 Squatting Toilets. legit albeit dirty 
 Chastity (the Crockett) being cleaned by Tayneezy

Pre-race training w. JP and Conor and Mcneely (not pictured)

Then party, wine shots with race org and into bed for 10pm , Up early for Beijing didn’t happen but we got to see a  gorge that was sweet instead . Then on flight day we did a big ride up a mountain, strava, and flew back home in time for dinner rich in sweet potatoes, beef and coconut before sleeping.

no Beijing but Havi and I did escape on back of motorcycle flatbed

You can see more photos on facebook such as this album (if you are my friend that is)

Gorge was sweet

 Squash hanging. I could have paid 30RNB to not see this, i am happy i saw it

You can see more photos on facebook such as this album (if you are my friend that is) 

jump into a forced, awkward intimate situation ( 2013 DH Provincials )

Event Results

Event Photos – pending

I  do like the feeling of doing something awkward or as a beginner. It is always a liberating and humbling experience trying something new . No pressure to be at the front or do anything amazing, a chance to push limits and try things that might make us better as people or skinny, xco racers w. moderate skills.

I was joined , or rather , chauffeured and soigneur-ed around by #Kaesy and +Amanda Sin  (@sinamanda) which is always a good time. We hit up some practice on the DH course then some Super D practice on Saturday before joining superfly racing (tour de king – register now) for some fishing and dinner .

Amanda Caught a Fish for dinner, I ate a waterbottle

 Super D started at 8am which was really early for a DH race I thought but once we were rolling it was full on racing and very fun . I won my qualifier but the main proved to be a bit more intense with some very tight, elbows out racing. I got taken on inside into first single track then we (2nd/3rd) got gapped. I got aggressive and through on inside before the long downhill / across hill sections but closing gaps on downhills against downhillers is tough ! Super Fly Hartail was awesome, should’ve/could’ve been winning bike.

And @peterglassford on his really nice Superfly HT!!
— Sir Sam’s Ski & Bike (@SirSamsSkiArea) September 15, 2013

The Downhill Race was also Sunday and was good times. Very welcoming and low key. Practice in later morning. Lunch break and then get psyched and put it all out there for a minute of glory. I find this all at once so challenging. 

I was last , but put forth a smooth run . Some poor riding in bottom 1/3 of course but smooth top half. Ms Sin ended up 5th and only a few seconds back from me !

5th in DH today! That was fun. #genius700 scott3rox
— Amanda Sin (@sinamanda) September 15, 2013

And now the DH bike goes away for a weekend or 2 while I try to take that all in, full out intensity and apply it to Chinese Cyclocross race . The Crockett by Trek is super fun and a few good workouts in on it so feeling happy and confident. Now just getting to China and staying healthy for 4 days through travel ! 

Her Name is Chastity ( The Trek Crockett )

 Picked up my new friend for the fall – The Trek Crockett – Or as I call her … Chastity 
(*indeed that is a Wedding Crasher’s Reference*) 
Thanks to Trekcanada and trekstoretoronto for setting me up for this fall adventure

Doing lots of testing this week to be ready for a big Chinese Kickoff to cross Season on the 20th
Did a bit of on Camera time that I can share info about soon.
Nothing big just a bit more polished then my usual 1 shot performance art 

Fall Schedule is looking fun and ambitious (Rough)
Sept 14/15 – Super D Provincials / Downhill Provincials
Sept 20 – China UCI Cyclocross
Sept 28 – Glouster day 1 and 2
Oct 5 – Enduro Apple Pie at Blue Mtn
Oct 12 – Turkey Cross/Durham Cross
October 17 – Toronto Cross
October 26 – London/Barrie Cross ( may be off week)
Nov 1/2 – Albion and Provincials Albion
11/9 – Louisville? or Hardwood
Nov 23/24 – NYC Super Cross or Ottawa
Nov 30th Cyclocross Nationals
December – BC MTB Training (pending)

This damn competitive streak (2013 Ontario Provincial Championships of the World Horseshoe results photos video)

So Provincials happened. This year featured some very fast post worlds racers and also some racers who missed out on worlds and so got their motivation centered on the opportunity to unseat me as “The Ontario National Champion”.

Derek Zandstra, Cam Jette, Marc Antoine Nadon from 3 Rox posed a threat with young Nadon doing fabulously beating out Cam for 3rd in he end and Derek taking the win by a lot. Derek may have been using some sort of Beet derived NOS as his last 2 laps became 30-60sec faster then previous , while most folks struggled to hold onto some level of consistency.

My Arch Nemesis / Lover and temporary China trip Teammate, Andrew Watson, brought his A game showing the spunk and tenacity of a far younger man. This gives me hope for my ever approaching 30’s . I was happy they let Andrew race in Elite after some bribes to the registration ladies who were convinced he was too old for pro.

I ended up in 5th , which is becoming my standard finishing spot, after catching Dirk Peters of New Zealand late in the last lap. I don’t think i will count us watching each other ride by each other as a ride so he owes me a big Cwood Ride before he heads back home.

Ladies did well with Ms. Sin Jumping and hucking her way to 1st Haley Smith (3rd) gave me splits instead of talking about boobs when I caught her .  Heather Gray was 2nd and Cayley coming in 4th.
Please enjoy this video of myself and young Marc Antoine Nadon post race.  Results/links below


 = Riding Feels Good for stories and super photos
 = Peter Kraiker has some great shots at Pedalmag and the story there too.  TEASER full album here
  = Canadian Cyclist story and some photos
  = Race Day rush 2013 provincials  

 = Trek Store Ladies Blog

Peter Kraiker also caught me at the perfect moment before i realized my madd air was sending me off trail (which i saved)

Fall and Cyclocross Training Plans

From Newsletter

We are into the Fall and with that comes the confusion of what to do with your training after the end of your road/mtb/tri season.

It is logical, after the race season, to consider coaching as a way to improve on your past performances  (See Smart Athlete Coaching Levels)


Training Plans are another great way to stay focused through the fall and/or to win some Cyclocross Races.

Smart Athlete offers FULLY CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU 3 Month Training Plans.

These are the only plans that are made from scratch for each client. NO cut and paste or cookie cutters .

Simply fill out the info form and complete the quick Paypal Gateway .

Then I get to work on your plan; blending your current ability, with your goals, work schedule, family schedule and race schedule.

No frustrating plans made for the pros. If you are going to invest in your training and health get a plan made for you.

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You've been a Ghost. (end of summer , provinicials and china)

What is up with you ? Things are good as Summer ended and my “4 months till 30” began in a haze of Fish, Scotch and Reading on Lake Superior.

**if MTV is reading I think “3 Months till 30” could be a killer show , similar to Bubba’s World but 10x better. Basically cramming as much irresponsible and awesome experiences into the last 3 months of my 3rd generation of good livin **

This weekend is my defense of the “Provincial National Champion of the World Title” at Horseshoe and then some downhilling and hill climbing in Collingwood before a big trip of short duration to China for the kickoff of the Cyclocross season for myself, some norco dudes , a Fluckinger and other adventurous folks .

In any case , Music is good and this is what I have been enjoying. Just watched the Great Gatsby, didn’t really pay attention to movie because I love the album so much that I was distracted watching how they integrated it into the movie.

Valerie June – Workin Woman Blues I have really been liking, such a great sound and mix of styles. [youtube]