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Is the Paleo Diet a Fad ? Warinner Ted Talk

Debunking the Paleo Diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU (feb 2013)

I have had several emails, comments and jokes made about the below video and also the new book with a similar topic: Paleofantasy: . The questions and comments come from 2 types of people. The first are looking for reasons that paleo/ancestral diet is wrong to justify their approach and the second group are those who have tried the approach are upset that they could be eating cookies, regardless of their experience with the approach.

*The PaleoFantasy is discussed well in several places including here, and hereand here so I will not discuss further
** Mat Lalonde is really good at looking at the evidence for all things health and nutrition, this is a link to his interview on Chris Kresser’s Podcast (includes written transcript)

I will discuss my thoughts below the quick summary and embedded video below.

Main Takeaway from Ted talk: There is no one correct diet , we need diversity and need to eat fresh/whole/local foods

Ideas presented by Christina *my wording/order

1) Current foods are modified (farmed) or didn’t exist/have changed so they are not paleolithic     

Today’s Foods are GMO, selectively bred, bigger, different, not local 

2) There were many ‘true‘ paleo diets . seasonal and specific to what is available. 

3) Paleo Ancestors did consume grains/legumes/tubers (dental analysis) – tools allowed for processing. Corn ,soy and wheat are large percentage of what we eat.

4) we use preservatives, artificial flavors vs. foods that preserve naturally 

salt, smoke, pickle etc to inhibit bacterial growth . Fermenting important  

we do not know consequence of eating foods with no bacteria, with flavors/preservatives

7) We are supposed to eat whole foods. Foods not a sum of calories/macros. The whole package is important (fiber etc.) 

8) Eating processed foods leads to over-consumption (ie. 1 soda = 8.5 ft of sugarcane) 


My Thoughts
So after watching the video and/or reading my summary it becomes fairly clear that Warinner is actually pointing out more reasons that a whole foods approach makes sense. Her criticisms are all generally good. The idea that we should do exactly what our ancestors did is ridiculous and not the reason anyone should do something(*the caveman did it argument was the original basis for the paleo diet*). There was variety in the paleolithic diets, but many commonalities as well. There were foods that could not be eaten then that we can eat without problem now due to cooking/preparation method and there are people that will tolerate certain things better then others.

What this ‘evolutionary’ approach does provide is a starting point, which Robb Wolf discusses frequently via a 30day trial/elimination. The idea is to try something for 30 days then assess if it improves any issues or general well being (sleep, energy, emotions, digestion etc.). If Quinoa is something you feel adds to your life and you feel better with it then without it then there is no reason not to eat it and there should be no remorse about ‘not being paleo’. This Ted Talk recommends this same theme of eating whole foods while removing allergens (grains, legumes, dairy) and processed food.

There are a few ideas missing from this talk and many discussions of nutrition. There are many variables outside of diet including stress, activity, age, disease state. Everyone knows someone who eats what they like, is skinny, energetic, sleeps well and enjoys live (hint: they likely don’t care whether paleo diet is good or bad). These people mind their business, are rarely stressed, enjoy where they are (being present) . That is to say, if someone is able to go with the flow they experience lower stress and any dietary ‘imperfections’ are not as big a deal.

Where I believe we can make improvements in our health by moving towards the social groups, play (as Mark Sisson discusses), reasonable sleep patterns and activity/inactivity patterns looking more like our great great-grandparents. Actually seeing people face-face, playing a game, walking together, enjoying a sunset and avoiding sitting for extended periods all seem pretty reasonable and healthy.  Nutrition is important but it is just food. Keep food simple .


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Um, actually we started ( the season is rolling ! )

Top of the world with Trek Friends from around the world
@karleegendron has a gift for finding snakes and beached seals … she prefers seals and pandas

Team Pedicures = good livin @karleegendron photo cred


Wow fast off season … so many good adventures but race season is starting and Cali time is dwindling.

Stoked to have super fast and fun housemates for next few weeks with @adammorka @emilybatty @taylornear @karleegendron
*  (and possibly tweeting if you follow me @peterglassford pleeeeeaase!!!)

Great times, a few photos of the adventures in Oxnard and racing in the 909

Also check out the mad skills on my fellow lover of all things bike skills … adam dj morka from bonelli uscup short track HERE

Mad style in the 909
*thanks to Jtaylor and
**@raphgagne photo cred

Bikes are super fun SUPERFLY WHAT!!!
*@karleegendron photo credit

Hunt some birds ! ( Mohican 100 registration for transfer )

I have a friend looking to transfer a reg to this great 100miler due to conflict with work… Email me peterglassford @ if interested 

Loudonville, OH

Saturday, June 01, 201

100miles or 100km distances

 racers may transfer their registration to another racer until May 29th

The link:

$160 cdn.

2013 Bonelli Park – Cross Country XC Short Track Super D Results

Men’s XC Results
  = USCUP RESULTS Bonelli XC 2013
= Velonews results

Women’s XC Results

Super D
= men
= women

Short Track (Sunday 3/17/2013) 

= Triathlete Mag – Xterra Champ Lesly Paterson Wins Uscup Bonelli
= Trek Canada Team Blog 

 = Interviews by CyclingDirt
= XC Course Preview with RYan Woodall (Cycling Dirt)

Photos from the races 
= Trek Canada
= USCUP facebook photos
= PB Creative cat1/pro images of Bonelli 2013
=Waldman facebook Bonelli Photos
  = Christiansan Facebook Bonelli 2013 photos
= Burcham Photos Bonelli 2013 
= Cycling News Photos Bonelli 2013

Im going to go spit up blood (Bonelli 2013 xc Sd)

I was 14th in xc after starting front row and blowing it 1 sec into race

then was a ways back in super d

Karlee got her first xc race done 15th/25 super fast ladies and managed a 3rd in super-D !! ( skills training working !!)

Short track tomorrow … Maybe see If I can do a better job of starting

Why You Need Tubeless Tires on your MTB – Ep 128

I remember when Tubeless Tires and Disc Brakes came onto the scene. My friend Ryan got a Gary Fisher X-Calibar equipped with both. I remember being so jealous of the stopping power these new brakes and the decreased flats/increased traction  that the tubeless tires provided. Neither technology was perfect at the time (~2002?) but within a few years everyone was racing with at least one of the new technologies if not both.

So the question is, 10+ years later why is everyone not using Tubeless tires on their MTB ? We will leave the road, cross and fat tire sno bike arguments for today but in MTB I can not see a valid argument. I know of a few high level racers (Alban the 2012 Leadville Winner and Marathon Super Hero) who still use tubes at certain times and have done testing on rolling resistance etc. These are the exceptions to the rule and examples like today’s Bike Skills Project episode give a perfect reason why most, if not all, people would be well served to invest in tubeless tires.

Tubeless tires allow lower pressure (better rolling efficiency over bumps), fewer flats,better traction and improved cornering.

[youtube] Common reasons not to switch and = possible arguments/fixes :
1) It takes too long to switch between tires  = If you have switched tires in the last month see #2, otherwise I am not sure this is a valid argument due to infrequency of the inconvenience . By that I mean the benefits would far outweigh the cost.

2) I switch tires regularly and it really takes a long time = seating tires is a skill , eased by an air compressor but it rarely should take more then 20min for a set of tires to be switched out
*see one of the many mechanical editions of bike skills project to up your game

3) What if I flat ?  = you won’t flat as much and when you do it is exactly the same  procedure, except you need to unscrew a nut to take the valve out .

4) Won’t they roll slower ? = I have heard some arguments about the sealant and lack of tube-tire friction but these always seem to be trumped by the increase in smoothness of ride (i.e. decreased vertical motion = less energy expended)

5) Expensive = If you patch your tires (easy) they can last so long and many ‘normal’ users will go months without any change of tires/sealant . Tire prices, sealant prices, valve prices, wheel prices are all quite low now that the technology is 10+ years past point of being very good.

Do you use tubeless Why or Why Not ? (post to comments!)

Have an idea or want to be a guest on bikeskillsproject ? Please post to comments or email me