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How is your IT band ?

In regards to this older post, I got the following question. Please let me know your thoughts.

hey i was just googling duck feet and IT band problems when running. I run as well, and throughout High school, the IT band was always stiff and i had to stretch it a lot. my knee hurts mostly my right and I sat down with my legs hanging down like you demonstrated and my right one goes outward more than the other. My HS Coach told me to try and stand straight as often as possible. how can i fix this problem?


My thoughts:
Hey, Eric Thanks for the question and visiting the site. 

*** here are some places to start looking if I had ITB issues, I would recommend you see your local kinesiologist and/or physio-chiro-osteo to get a more focused idea of what is most tight and causing your ITB pain … this will help maximize your time spent mobilizing ***

Remember the IT band is a fairly stiff (not elastic) structure connecting bones/muscles. Since it is not a muscle it is not really the focus of our stretching/rolling(smr). So the issue tends to be tight hip flexor/glutes or issues at ankle/knee or even low back NOT SOMETHING ON SIDE OF LEG TO BE STRETCHED AND ROLLED EXCESSIVELY. 

Right legs tend to be commonly affected and I think a lot of this has to do with our seated postures through the day. Most easy to implicate would be our driving posture where we sit more on our right glute(butt cheek) and use our right leg (ankle/knee/hip flexion-extension) to push/release the gas/brake pedals. 

So obvious things to try to minimize and/or change are your seated posture. 
– avoid being the driver if you can. 
– take frequent breaks from driving
– modify position frequently
– try to sit more square on seat (both butt cheeks) … some cars are tougher due to offset of steering wheel/pedals. 
– use cruise control whenever possible to limit contractions in the right leg. 

– in general, minimize seated postures, use standing workstations. 

-> get out your roller (ideally TP therapy products and/or lacrosse or hard tennis balls) and roll butt cheeks/hamstrings and quads. Don’t ignore the quads, making sure to roll inside, middle and outside the quad. 
-> ensure your bike allows for your feet to sit in their natural way (ie. for you toe out / duck footed) as this could cause stress on ITB. 
-> try to roll before any activity to help ‘loosen’ things up 
→ lower bike seat slightly for a bit to decrease strain a bit further. 
→ make stretching post ride and/or during the day ( many of my athletes do as a separate workout) this should be full body and looking always for change/improvement from the stretch/smr. 
→ try to avoid painful ranges/sports/movements but also try to push the range of moment you can function in with rolling/stretching/movement. 
 -> watch knee dropping in during pedaling, walking, running, box jumping etc.   keep those knees out!  mobilitywod video discussing this knees out in stair climbing

Keep me posted and best of luck

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